Table 1.

A comparison of blood flow and cardiac performance of six adult Burmese pythons, Python molurus when resting while fasted, crawling while fasted, peak during digesting, resting at 5 days postfeeding and crawling at 5 days postfeeding

VariableResting while fastedCrawling while fastedPeak during digestionResting at 5DPFCrawling at 5DPF
Left carotid A (ml min-1 kg-1)0.38±0.042.44±0.91*0.98±0.13***0.62±0.102.27±0.69*
Dorsal aorta (ml min-1 kg-1)8.37±1.0125.7±2.2***39.1±2.5***31.9±1.735.7±2.2*
Superior mesenteric A (ml min-1 kg-1)0.60±0.040.20±0.04***6.99±0.50***5.04±0.670.94±0.10*
Hepatic portal V (ml min-1 kg-1)1.16±0.311.91±0.6914.6±1.5**11.7±1.06.23±0.75**
Cardiac output (ml min-1 kg-1)9.10±1.0330.5±3.8***41.0±2.5***33.1±1.840.1±3.0**
Heart rate (beat min-1)16.8±1.346.0±1.5***55.4±1.2***47.7±2.054.0±1.0**
Stroke volume (ml kg-1)0.54±0.050.67±0.090.74±0.03**0.70±0.030.74±0.05
  • Values are means±1 s.e.m.; DPF, days postfeeding.

  • Asterisks indicate level of statistical significance; *0.05>P>0.01, **0.01>P>0.001, ***P<0.001, resulting from paired t-tests between resting while fasting and crawling while fasted, between resting while fasted and peak during digestion, and between resting at 5DPF and crawling at 5DPF.

  • Mean mass was 11.7±1.0 kg.