Table 1.

Results of the ANOVAs conducted to assess the effect of temperature and site of origin (SC versus CC) on larval fresh mass (FM), dry mass (DM), carbon content (C), nitrogen content (N) (total mass and as a percentage of larval dry mass) and C:N ratio

Site effect Temperature effect Interaction
Response variableUnitsFd.f.PFd.f.PFd.f.P
FMμg individual–1268.431,66 <0.0001 1.866,660.110.796,660.59
DMμg individual–1129.61,66 <0.0001 0.246,660.960.486,660.82
% FM1.901,660.171.426,660.220.396,660.88
Cμg individual–1149.11,66 <0.0001 0.366,660.900.406,660.87
Nμg individual–188.91,66 <0.0001 0.176,660.980.706,660.64
  • SC, southern Chile; CC, central Chile