Table 3.

The influence of exposure to high environmental ammonia (HEA, nominally 2000μmol l–1, measured=2515±153μmol l–1) for up to 7 days on plasma total ammonia and cortisol concentrations in live trout in Series 6

Water [ammonia] (μmol l–1)Plasma [ammonia] (μmol l–1)Plasma [cortisol] (ng ml–1)
Control (N=10)33±597±1510±1
20h HEA (N=16)2319±26*1183±81*,163±19*
7 day HEA (N=10)2260±60*1079±43*,135±17*
  • The water ammonia concentrations measured at the time of blood sampling are also reported

    There were no significant differences (P>0.05) between 20 h and 7 day values

  • * P<0.05 relative to corresponding control value

  • P<0.05 relative to simultaneous water ammonia concentration