Table 3.

Normal correlation coefficients between the independent variables in the force plate trials

Body massToe lengthContact timeToe contact timeToe-out angle
Body massR=0.35 (P=0.08)R=–0.13 (P=0.54)R=0.03 (P=0.87)R=–0.02 (P=0.93)
Toe lengthR=0.35 (P=0.08)R=0.02 (P=0.94)R=0.26 (P=0.21)R=–0.09 (P=0.67)
Contact timeR=–0.06 (P=0.77)R=0.18 (P=0.38)R=0.49 (P=0.01)R=–0.05 (P=0.80)
Toe contact timeR=0.30 (P=0.15)R=0.48 (P=0.02)R=0.26 (P=0.21)R=0.23 (P=0.27)
Toe-out angleR=0.18 (P=0.37)R=0.01 (P=0.96)R=–0.26 (P=0.21)R=–0.10 (P=0.63)
  • Values below the diagonal are correlation coefficients for walks and above the diagonal are for runs. Correlation coefficients in bold are significant at the P=0.05 level