Table 9.

F-ratios, significance levels, and directionality of differences in kinematic variables for one prey mobility comparison in Tiliqua and Pogona

Comparison/VariablePrey typeDirectionalityPrey typeF-ratioPrey typeDirectionalityPrey typeF-ratio
Mealworm vs beetle
   Gape distanceMealworm< Beetle 58.41***Mealworm=Beetle1.57
   Number of transportsMealworm=Beetle2.48Mealworm< Beetle 51.77***
   FO phase durationMealworm< Beetle 4.72*Mealworm< Beetle 13.97***
   FO as % of cycleMealworm=Beetle1.58Mealworm< Beetle 19.68***
   FC phase durationMealworm=Beetle0.99Mealworm< Beetle 15.88***
   FC as % of cycleMealworm=Beetle0.00Mealworm< Beetle 21.51***
   Gape cycle durationMealworm=Beetle0.71Mealworm=Beetle1.05
  • Bold type indicates the prey item associated with the larger kinematic value. FO and FC, fast open and fast close phase of gape cycle, respectively

    Significant difference at *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001