Table 1.

Presence of double-whistle calls in various populations of greater sage-grouse

LocationRecordingCalls with DW
Monument Lek (Lander, WY, USA)Krakauer and Patricelli, unarchived recording16
Alberta, CanadaCLO acc. no. 5928415
Mono Basin, CA, USAMarc Dantzker, unarchived recording8
Colorado, USAGordon Hempton, unarchived recording12
Oregon, USACLO acc. no. 5011935
Oregon, USACLO acc. no. 1111669
Saskatchewan, CanadaCLO acc. no. 23854
  • Number of calling males is unknown. Each sample consists of the first 50 calls in which the whistle was clearly visible on the spectrogram and was not obviously overlapped by other vocalizations. The value for Monument Lek represents a count of 50 calls from a single channel recording taken from the multi-channel array. Since recording conditions varied across sites, these rates of double whistle (DW) detection are not accurate estimates of the rate of its occurrence

    CLO=Macaulay Library at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA