Table 1.

Anatomical eye measurements increase linearly with body size

β1β2β3Range (mm)Res. d.f.
Eye length0.844***0.055***0.063***1.35–2.25145
Eye width0.632***0.030***0.068***0.86–1.4145
Stalk length–0.378***0.343***0.270***3.0–8.64134
Eye separation2.395***0.166***0 (P=0.16)3.85–8.050
  • Frontal macro-photographs were taken of 74 crabs between 10 and 25 mm carapace width (cw) and anatomical parameters of both eyes were measured where possible. A linear mixed model was applied with crab and set-up as random effects. All parameters except eye separation are significantly larger in males. Regression lines are given byβ 12×cw+β3×sex, where sex is 0 for females and 1 for males. ***P<0.001