Table 3.

Hydrogen bonds between neighboring amino acids within 6 Å of Gly-291 (Ser-291) in Lottia digitalis and L. austrodigitalis

Distance between related amino acids (Å)
Hydrogen bondsL. austrodigitalisL. digitalis
O Ser-291...N Arg-2943.16
N Ser-291...O Val-2952.92
N Thr-261...O Ile-2903.27(5.63)
OD1 Asp-293...O Arg-2943.32(8.49)
OG1 Thr-261...N Ile-2903.143.19
O Thr-292...OD1 Asp-293(5.31)2.65
  • The hydrogen bonds and distances between atoms were calculated using Swiss-PDB Viewer (Guex and Peitsch, 1997)

    Data in parentheses are for distances between related atoms that were greater than the hydrogen bond detection threshold