Table 1.

Summary of key measurements

   Mass (mS)2.8×10–13 kg1.5×10–13 kg
   Radius of gyration (rg)3.1 μm2.2 μm
   Translational velocity (V0)0.8 m s–12.3 m s–1
   Angular velocity (Ω0)7.1×104 rad s–1NA
   Translational kinetic energy (EK)2.3×10–13 J6.7×10–13 J
   Rotational kinetic energy (ER)6.3×10–15 JNA
   Rupture force (FB)0.15 μNNA
   Mass (mD)4.9×10–14 kg1.2×10–13 kg
   Radius (RD)2.25 μm3 μm
   Final radius (RD)5.65 μmNA
  • * All means are based on at least five replicates except for the angular velocity and the rotational kinetic energy, which are based on two measurements