Table 1.

Ontogeny of dry mass and calcium mass in eggs of oviparous Lacerta (Zootoca) vivipara

Yolk Embryo Eggshell
Embryonic stageNDry mass (mg)Calcium mass (mg)Dry mass (mg)Calcium mass (mg)Dry mass (mg)Calcium mass (mg)
Stage 31,32,33*1050.4±1.7a0.17±0.01a3.8±1.2a0.02±0.02a8.3±0.3b1.21±0.06b
Stage 36445.7±2.7a0.17±0.01a5.9±2.4a,b0.02±0.05a8.7±0.6b1.22±0.1b
Stage 37532.1±2.4b0.10±0.01b14.0±2.1b0.14±0.04a7.6±0.5b1.10±0.09b
Stage 40818.8±1.9c0.03±0.01c29.3±1.7c0.42±0.03b8.4±0.3b1.00±0.06b
  • Sample sizes are number of females (clutches)

    Values reported as least squares means ± s.e.m.

  • * Oviposited eggs

  • a–d Comparisons within columns, values with the same letter denotation do not differ significantly (P≤0.05)