Table 3.

Stable isotope ratios of diet items fed to captive manatees at SeaWorld of Florida

δ 13C (‰)δ 15N (‰)
Diet itemNMean ± s.e.MinimumMaximumMean ± s.e.MinimumMaximum
Romaine lettuce16–27.2±0.7–28.8–25.82.9±2.6–0.18.9
Monkey chow4–21.2±1.3–23.0–20.12.9±
Fecal material4–27.9±1.6–29.0–25.63.7±
  • Gruel was composed of romaine lettuce, spinach, monkey chow and water. Fecal material was analyzed because manatees are known to engage in coprophagy