Table 3.

Mean peak ground reaction force data for P. concinna

AnimalVertical (N)AP (N)ML (N)Peak net GRF time (%)net GRF (BW)GRF femur angle (deg.)GRF AP angle (deg.)GRF ML angle (deg.)
pc04 (N=20)11.3±0.2–0.8±0.1–0.7±0.137.8±1.60.57±0.0194.3±1.0–4.3±0.6–3.5±0.4
pc05 (N=18)16.1±0.40.4±0.3–1.3±0.334.8±1.80.44±0.0180.3±2.11.7±1.0–5.0±1.2
pc07 (N=21)10.4±0.31.8±0.3–1.4±0.244.1±2.40.54±0.0290.9±2.59.7±1.6–8.0±1.4
pc08 (N=19)3.9±0.10.3±0.04–0.6±0.147.1±1.20.53±0.0191.8±1.54.4±0.5–8.1±0.6
Mean ± s.e.m.41.0±1.10.52±0.0189.6±1.12.9±0.8–6.2±0.5
  • GRF femur, angle of ground reaction force to the femur; GRF AP, anteroposterior inclination angle of GRF; GRF ML, mediolateral inclination angle of GRF

    Vertical=0° for GRF AP and ML angles of inclination: for GRF AP, negative angles are posteriorly directed and positive angles are anteriorly directed; for GRF ML, negative angles are medially directed. BW, body weight

    Values are means ± s.e.m. (N=number of steps analyzed)