Table 2.

Anatomical data from femora of experimental animals (P. concinna)

Length (mm)51.966.957.140.5
A (mm2)16.517.110.76.0
rc(AP) (mm)–1.1–0.5–0.4–0.9
rc(DV) (mm)
yAP (mm)
yDV (mm)
IAP (mm4)24.257.624.97.9
IDV (mm4)18.238.418.96.3
J (mm4)42.496.043.714.2
  • In subscript notations, AP denotes the anatomical anteroposterior direction for the femur, and DV denotes the anatomical dorsoventral direction for the femur; A, cross-sectional area of bone; rc, moment arm due to bone curvature; y, distance from neutral axis to cortex; I, second moment of area; J, polar moment of area. Curvature sign conventions for AP: positive, concave posterior; negative, concave anterior; curvature sign conventions for DV: positive, concave ventral; negative, concave dorsal