Table 1.

Summary of results from physiological parameters measured in Acropora aspera taken from three colonies on Heron Island reef crest

ParameterHeated 2 weeks priorHeated 1 week priorNot pre-heated
Effective yield of PS II (Fv/Fm)↓↓
Symbiodinium density
Xanthophyll pool (Dt+Dd)
Xanthophyll pool/Chl a
Xanthophyll cycling Dt/(Dt+Dd)
  • Corals were heat stressed for either 2 weeks, 1 week or not pre-stressed prior to the main experimental period, averaging 34°C. Effective PSII yield, NPQ, Symbiodinium densities and xanthophyll ratios are displayed in greater detail in the figures. Arrows indicate significant difference (↑, increased; ↓, decreased) from control on the final day of the simulated bleaching event. Double arrows indicate significant difference between treatments

    Dt, diatoxanthin; Dd, diadinoxanthin