Table 1.

Definitions and units of terms used in model development

a Radius of cylinder or spherecm
βOxygen solubilitynmol cm–3 kPa–1
C Oxygen concentrationnmol cm–3
D Oxygen diffusion coefficientcm2 s–1
k First-order reaction coefficients–1
K Krogh's coefficient of diffusionnmol cm–1 s–1 kPa–1
K m Half-saturation (Michaelis) constantnmol cm–3
l Half thickness of sheetcm
P Partial pressure of oxygenkPa
r Radial distancecm
t Times
V max Maximum reaction rate at saturationnmol cm–3 s–1
x Distancecm
τApproximate time to reach steady statedimensionless