Table 3.

Mean values of sound pressure (p-p) measured at the given distances and directions (i–vi) relative to the vibrating bee

Sound pressure (mPa) in directions i–vi
Distance (mm)(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi)F5,55P
5 323.0 a 267.4a,b302.7a,b246.7b,c215.8c236.0b,c6.25<0.001
10 207.1 a 190.6a,b199.1a189.1a,b180.2a,b151.0b3.490.008
15152.0a,b169.6a 169.9 a 154.8a,b120.9b124.2b6.51<0.001
20 146.2 a 135.6a142.2a127.7a,b106.4b,c97.5c8.94<0.001
  • See Fig. 1B for details on directions i–iv

    Bold letters emphasize highest measured values at the given distance

    Sound pressures measured at same distances (⩾5 mm) but in different directions were compared using one-way repeated measures ANOVA (F-values given). Level for significance of difference is Pcorr.⩽0.025. Values in a row that have same superscript letters did not differ significantly from each other (pairwise comparison: Tukey-test, P>0.05)