Table 1.

Mean values of vertically oriented air particle velocity above the head, the thorax and the wings close to the wingtips

Particle velocity (mm s–1)
Distance (mm)HeadThoraxWingtipsF2,30P
1*23.5443.15 61.46
2*12.5522.39 31.62
3*8.5615.11 21.29
4*6.4911.41 16.05
55.66a10.91b 16.03 c 24.45<0.001
102.05a3.04b 3.58 b 14.29<0.001
151.47a1.62a,b 1.72 b 5.200.015
201.27 1.43 1.372.240.13 n.s.
  • Bold letters emphasize highest values at the given distance

    Air particle velocities measured at same distances (⩾5 mm) but at different positions were compared using one-way repeated measures ANOVA (F-values given). Level for significance of difference is Pcorr.⩽0.025. Values in a row that have same superscript letters did not differ significantly from each other (pairwise comparison: Tukey-test, P>0.05); n.s., not significant

  • * Values extrapolated from hyperbolic decay function (see Appendix 2)