Table 1.

Effect of changing osmolality on intracellular pH and Ca2+ and Na+ levels

[Ca2+]i (nmol l–1)pHi[Na+]i (mmol l–1)
SLS77±9 (207)7.3±0.2 (49)7±3 (54)
+85 mmol l–1 NaCl3±8 (53)–0.08±0.11 (25)5±3 (14)
–59 mmol l–1 NaCl14±18 (58)–0.02±0.09 (6)–1±1 (13)
  • [Ca2+]i, pHi and [Na+]i under isotonic conditions (standard leech saline, SLS) and the change in these after increasing or reducing the extracellular osmolality (+85 mmol l–1 NaCl, –59 mmol l–1 NaCl). Data are means ± s.d.; number of experiments is given in parentheses