Table A4.

Parameters of the logistic model for greyhound races

RacemxLow 95%High 95%mnktabc
English Oaks16.60216.45416.7505.7510.0511879.21–0.4734–0.04680.1689
English Grand National16.20516.05916.3518.4010.0551889.88–0.2597–0.06500.1791
English Derby16.71316.63616.7898.4890.0791901.25–0.3630–0.04260.1402
  • The 95% confidence limits are given for mx, the estimated maximum of the logistic model. Values for mn, k and t of the logistic model are best-fit estimates. Values shown for a, b and c of the GEV (Eqn 1) are best-fit estimates. All values for a are significantly less than 0 (P<0.05)