Table 2.

Scaling of suction performance based on observed flow speed and those predicted based on the Suction Index model (Carroll et al., 2004) and the Expanding Cone model (Muller et al., 1982).

Scaling exponent (±s.e.m.)R2F, P value
Suction Index0.55±0.090.82F1,9=38.7
Expanding Cone0.98±0.20.76F1,7=22.6
Observed flow speed0.78±0.180.72F1,7=17.8
  • Buccal pressure is expected to be proportional to flow speed squared; therefore the predicted scaling exponent for flow speed based on the Suction Index model is 0.55. Scaling exponent for both models was not significantly different from the observed one for flow speed (t-test using slope± confidence intervals; P>0.05 for both). Reported F and P values are for the null hypothesis that slope=0