Table 1.

Overview of dive data obtained from 13 SRDL deployments for leatherback turtles

PTT no.Turtle no.Deployment dateDeployment locationNo. of days trackedNo. of dives recordedNo. of deep dives recordedMaximum depth (m)% of dives >300 mMean ± s.d. depth of all dives (m)
15119110 July 2002Grenada, WI37623299474.00.458.2±53.8
15120209 July 2002Grenada, WI132450166.00.049.7±40.7
15121305 July 2002Grenada, WI32326164626.00.248.7±52.4
4394415 June 2003Grenada, WI180186241010.00.261.6±57.7
4395518 June 2003Grenada, WI247246724946.01.066.1±75.1
21914628 June 2003Grenada, WI4069186658.00.768.0±66.4
21915719 May 2003Grenada, WI358178712882.00.769.0±60.6
21920806 April 2003Grenada, WI322452716722.00.469.0±53.1
21923931 March 2003Grenada, WI51719116506.00.346.1±47.5
293581009 July 2003Grenada, WI24136554562.00.150.9±49.8
293591106 July 2003Grenada, WI217080.0040.1±17.9
498181231 August 2005Co. Kerry, Ireland31315580182.0032.5±28.1
663601329 June 2006Co. Kerry, Ireland220229391250.00.440.6±57.8
  • PTT, platform terminal transmitter (each given an identifying code); SRDL, satellite relay data logger

    Turtles were located at Levera Beach, Grenada, West Indies (12.1°N, 61.7°W) or at sea off the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland (52.24°N, 10.30°W)