Table 1.

In vivo experiments performed at in situ pressure (26 MPa)

ExperimentType of experimentNo. of individualsMaximum temperature (°C)Total duration of experiment (h)Survival (%)
1Reference respirometry5156
2Reference survival and behaviour5159100
3Reference survival and behaviour615683
4aHS response and behaviour with no recovery2031.78.570
4bReference associated with Expt 4a30158.5
5aHS response and behaviour with 1.5 h of recovery1432.3884
5bReference associated with Expt 5a11158
6aHS response and behaviour with 3.5 h of recovery831.412100
6bReference associated with Expt 6a121512
  • For each heat shock (HS) experiment (a), a related reference experiment (b) was performed at 15°C. In all HS experiments, the animals were heat shocked at 30°C (see Fig. 1). However, the duration of the recovery period was different for each experiment (see Materials and methods). The maximum temperature reached for each experiment corresponds to the average obtained from the T1 and T2 probe values (see Fig. 1 for details of the experimental set-up). The survival rate was determined in the last 5 min of video-monitored experiments by identifying each individual and witnessing its branchial tentacle movements