Table 4.

Results of a factor analysis performed on the kinematic data before and after transection

1 (34.13%)2 (28%)3 (17.03%)
Prey transport duration (s) 0.972 –0.082–0.067
Duration of the slow open phase (s)0.677–0.125–0.625
Duration of the fast open phase (s)0.117–0.021 0.943
Duration of the fast close phase (s)0.6290.0530.237
Duration of the slow close phase (s) 0.751 0.078–0.057
Gape distance (mm)0.555 0.763 0.133
Jaw opening velocity (mm s–1)0.041 0.911 0.009
Jaw closing velocity (mm s–1)–0.205 0.893 –0.035
  • Three factors that together explained 79.16% of the variation in prey transport kinematics were retained

    Factor loadings greater than 0.7 are indicated in bold. The proportion of variation explained is noted in parentheses, and eigenvalues are listed below each respective factor