Table 1.

Individual trials yielded a variable number of observations, but treatments had a similar number of total observations

Particle treatments
No particles0.6 mm 2.5 cm s–11.5 mm 2.5 cm s–11.5 mm 5 cm s–11.5 mm 10 cm s–1
Number of trials (N)2424252524
Total observations533556555584542
Open mantle observations156125287284144
Percentage of open mantle observations per trial29±1023±1052±1349±1126±10
Extended tentacle observations342300376365292
Percentage of extended tentacle observations per trial63±1454±1469±1264±1453±14
Valve claps per trial1.8±1.41.4±1.41.8±1.21.5±1.41.9±1.6
  • When appropriate, data are given as means ± 2 s.e.m. (to give a 95% confidence interval)