Table 1.

Summary of cell counts from embryo in situ hybridization preparations and direct observations of third instar larvae from promoter-GFP and promoter-GAL4 × UAS-dsRed lines

Gyc-89Da Gyc-89Db
Sensory neuron groupEmbryo in situp89Da-GFPp89Da-GAL4; UAS-dsRedEmbryo in situp89Db-GFPp89Db-GAL4; UAS-dsRedp89Da-GFP p89Db-GAL4; UAS-dsRed
Dorsal ganglion3–54–544–5340
Terminal ganglion2–32–33–42–52–33–40
Thoracic sensilla2222222
Abdominal sensilla0001 (A1–2)1 (A1–3)1 (A1–3)0
Terminal sensory cone sensilla66–776777
  • The embryo in situ hybridization data were compiled from previous studies (Langlais et al., 2004; Morton et al., 2005a). For the GFP and dsRed expression data, at least five animals were observed from each of the transformed lines. A1–3, abdominal segments 1–3