Table 2.

Results of ANCOVA examining the effect of autotomy treatment on the Cost of Transport for 18 male field crickets Gryllus bimaculatus

Effect on COT
Body mass (g)1.200.295
Pronotum width (mm)0.270.610
RCO2 (J s-1 kg-1)4.520.055
Speed (m s-1)<0.010.962
Autotomy treatment 8.13 0.015*
  • COT, Cost of Transport (J kg-1 m-1); RCO2, resting metabolic rate.

    Covariates analysed were body size (mass and pronotum width), resting metabolic rate (RCO2) and running speed. Only autotomy of a hindleg significantly affected COT (data shown in bold).