Table 2.

Comparative study of sound production and regurgitation in larvae from the superfamily Bombycoidea, including data from the current study and examples from the literature

Family, SpeciesHost plantSound production?MechanismRegurgitation?Reference(s)
    Bombyx mori Linnaeus Morus rubra NoNo
    Actias luna Linnaeus Betula papyrifera YesMandiblesYes
    Automeris io Fabricius Betula papyrifera NoNo
    Callosamia promethea Drury Betula papyrifera NoYes
    Dryocampa rubicunda Fabricius Acer saccharum NoYes
    Hyalophora cecropia Linnaeus Betula papyrifera NoYes
    Rhodia fugax Butler1YesMandibles?(Packard, 1904; Dumortier, 1963)
    Acherontia atropos Linnaeus1YesMandibles?(Mead, 1869; Pearce, 1886)
    Amorpha juglandis Smith1Yes?(Sanborn, 1868; Wagner, 2005)
    Hyles euphorbiae LinnaeusEuphorbia sp.NoYes
    Manduca sexta Linnaeus Solanum lycopersicum YesMandiblesYes
    Mimas tiliae LinnaeusAlnus sp.No-Yes
    Pachysphinx modesta Harris Populus tremuloides NoYes
    Smerinthus excœcatus Smith1YesMandibles?(Sanborn, 1868)
    Smerinthus dissimilis Bremer1Yes?(Federley, 1905)
    Smerinthus cerisyi Kirby Populus tremuloides NoYes
    Smerinthus jamaicensis Drury2 Populus tremuloides Yes (Sanborn, 1868)Yes (this study)(Sanborn, 1868)
No (this study)
    Sphecodina abbottii Swainson1YesMandibles?(Dumortier, 1963; Wagner, 2005)
  • 1 Information from the literature only.

  • 2 Reclassified from Smerinthus geminatus Say.