Table 1.

Morphometrics, aerodynamic and kinematic parameters of Drosophila melanogaster used for numerical modelling during saccadic clockwise turning

ΦFWing stroke amplitude140° (2.44 rad)(Fry et al., 2005)
n Wing stroke frequency218 Hz(Fry et al., 2005)
Embedded Image Saccadic turning rate1600 deg. s–1 (27.9 rad s–1)(Fry et al., 2003)
Relative duration of downstroke0.538(Fry et al., 2005)
ΦP,UPassive wing stroke difference upstroke4.0° (0.069 rad)This study
ΦP,DPassive wing stroke difference downstroke3.4° (0.059 rad)This study
ΦAMean active wing stroke difference5° (0.087 rad)(Fry et al., 2003)
CP Distance to centre of pressure0.7(Ramamurti and Sandberg, 2001)
R Wing length2.51 × 10–3 mThis study
W Thorax width1.1 × 10–3 mThis study
ρDensity of air1.2 kg m–3(Vogel, 1994)
D, Pro Mean profile drag of wing1.46(Fry et al., 2005)
S Surface area of one wing2.0 × 10–6 m2(Lehmann and Dickinson, 1997)
Embedded Image Dimensionless wing velocity4.4(Fry et al., 2005)