Table 3.

Time averaged mean circulation, vorticity, jet force, jet angle and torque for brook trout

Max circulation (cm2 s-1)Max vorticity (rad s-1)Max total jet force (mN)Max lateral jet force (mN)Mean jet angle (deg.)Max rolling torque (mN cm)Net dorsal and anal fin torque (mN cm)
Steady swimming at 0.5 L s-1
   Dorsal fin8±26.1±0.70.4±0.10.4±0.1108.09±11.80.5±0.2
   Anal fin8±26.6±0.50.7±0.20.6±0.293.5±10.30.6±0.10.2±0.1
Steady swimming at 1.0 L s-1
   Dorsal fin9±110.9±0.60.7±0.20.6±0.2109.7±13.60.7±0.2
   Anal fin8±27.9±0.91.2±0.41.0±0.4111.8±14.71.0±0.40.3±0.3
Manoeuvre at 0.5 L s-1
   Dorsal fin10±0.66.7±0.90.8±0.10.7±0.2107.9±14.20.9±0.20.3±0.3
   Anal fin7±16.0±0.30.7±0.20.6±0.288.5±15.40.5±0.1
  • Values are mean ± s.e.m., N=12–20. Net torque values are calculated by subtracting dorsal and anal fin rolling torque. The smaller roll torque value is subtracted from the larger and differences are listed in the row of the fin contributing greater torque