Table 1.

A representative list of previous studies dealing with the experimental and the theoretical studies of random diffusion of bacteria

(Roush et al., 2006y)Pseudomonas stutzeri KCChemotaxis study using a diffusion gradient chamber and solution to the governing partial differential equation
(Lewis and Ford, 2001)Wild-type and AW405 E. coliChemotaxis analysis using a stopped flow diffusion chamber, study of motion of bacteria and capillary assay to access the bacterial response to chemoattractants
(Hill and H├Ąder, 1997)Chlamydomonas nivalis and Peridinium gatunenseExperimental study of a single cell motion
(Schmidt et al., 1997)Pseudomonas stutzeri KC and HCB 137 E. coliBacterial diffusion with the help of two capillary tubes
(Widman et al., 1997)HCB 33 E. coliBacterial diffusion in a diffusion gradient chamber (DGC)
(Rivero et al., 1989)Flagellar bacteria and polymorphonuclear leukocytesOne dimensional probabilistic model of motion of flagellar species
(Adler, 1969)Wild-type and W3110 E. coliBacterial diffusion in a capillary tube containing chemoattractant