Table 2.

Integrated light production, saline controls and nitrergic drugs

Saline (Mq s–1)Treatment (Mq s–1)
SNP (0.3 mmol l–1)19.6±13.3 (N=8)18.5±9.6 (N=5)
SNP (0.03 mmol l–1)19.6±13.3 (N=8)7.2±6.0 (N=5)
SNAP (0.3 mmol l–1)3.1±2.1 (N=10)348.5±338.9 (N=11)
l-NAME (3 mmol l–1)4.2±3.7 (N=12)3.1±1.4 (N=12)
cGMP (0.03 mmol l–1)1.1±0.6 (N=10)2.1±1.1 (N=10)
  • Integrated light production, 10 min; Mq, megaquanta

    None of the NO donors or NOS inhibitors had a significant effect per se on the light production compared with the saline control. The high variation in the SNAP response is caused by one specimen responding to the treatment