Table 2.

Mean mass and body composition parameters for animals in Fed and Control groups for which body composition was estimated at weaning and departure

   Mass (kg)47.51±10.3844.40±5.10
   Fat (kg)22.04±6.0620.34±3.00
   Protein (kg)5.71±0.935.4±0.6
   % Fat46.01±2.6444.97±3.16
   Energy (MJ)951.44±251.45867.48±126.55
   Mass loss (kg day-1) 1.00±0.20 0.60±0.18
   Fat loss (kg day-1) 0.41±0.18 0.21±0.09
   Protein loss* (kg day-1) 0.08±0.02 0.04±0.02
   DEU (MJ day-1) 17.14±6.80 8.87±3.82
   % DEU fat91.39±4.9489.87±11.16
   Daily change in % fat-1.68±8.310.19±0.19
   Mass (kg)30.91±3.7630.09±3.80
   Fat (kg)12.84±2.63614.91±2.30
   Protein (kg) 4.43±0.98 3.66±0.57
   % Initial protein used in metabolism* 5.81±11.81 18.61±9.25
   % Fat at departure 41.47±6.68 49.33±4.69
   Energy (MJ)585.30±97.64647.65±86.52
   Total energy used (MJ)* 437.47±267.20 228.46±93.72
   Total fat used (kg) 10.17±6.83 5.09±1.93
   Total protein used (kg)*1.09±0.560.84±0.45
  • Values are means ± standard deviation (s.d.). For N values, see Table 1

    DEU=daily energy use; % DEU fat=% contribution of fat to DEU

    Bold type indicates a significant difference between groups (P<0.05)

  • * Refers to protein used in metabolism, i.e. values after protein used in moulting was removed from calculations