Table A1.

Definitions of anatomical landmarks and numerically derived landmarks

Anatomical landmarks
      ILCranial aspect of the ilium, where it meets the sixth thoracic vertebrae.
      SULSulcus: caudal end of the prominent ridge on the midline of the dorsal aspect of the postacetabular ilium
      SYNThe caudal end of the synsacrum where it meets the first tail vertebra
      PUBCaudal end of pubis (alternative point for construction of a pelvis anatomical coordinate system)
      TROCH C.Trochanteric crest
      LFCLateral femoral condyle
      L.TROCHLateral tibial trochlea (also referred to as condyle)
      M.TROCHMedial tibial trochlea (also referred to as condyle)
      LMBLateral metatarsal base
      MMBMedial metatarsal base
      LMHLateral metatarsal head
      MMHMedial metatarsal head
      PHALDistal end of phalanx III
Derived landmarks
   HJCHip joint center
   KJCKnee joint center
   LKHALateral knee helical axis endpoint
   MKHAMedial knee helical axis endpoint
   AJCAnkle joint center
   LAHALateral ankle helical axis endpoint
   MAHAMedial ankle helical axis endpoint
   Mid.TROCHMidpoint between L.TROCH and M.TROCH
   TJCToe joint center (metatarso-phalangeal joint center)
   LTHALateral toe helical axis endpoint
   MTHAMedial toe helical axis endpoint
   Mid.MBMidpoint between LMB and MMB
   Mid.MHMidpoint between LMH and MMH