Table 3.

Linear regressions of metabolic rates (RMR and DEE) on body mass or on wheel-running activity in Workload mice

Linear regressionSlopeInterceptr2P
   Body mass versus RMR1.52-3.30.380.011
   Body mass versus DEE2.48-
   Wheel running versus RMR-0.3552.90.060.370
   Wheel running versus DEE0.6166.20.090.260
   Body mass versus RMR0.1323.80.010.390
   Body mass versus DEE0.36500.050.790
   Wheel running versus RMR-0.5638.80.240.065
   Wheel running versus DEE1.1037.70.410.005
  • Multiple regressions showed that at baseline RMR and DEE were better predicted by body mass alone, and at workload by wheel-running activity alone. Results of multiple regressions with both body mass and wheel-running activity as independent predictors of RMR or DEE are described in the text. See also Fig. 4