Table 1.

Chemical structure of phosphatidylcholine in peaks 1 to 19

Peak no.Side chainPeak area (%)
120:5(n-3), 22:6(n-3)0.86±0.27
216:1(n-7), 20:5(n-3)1.13±0.12
18:3(n-4), 20:5(n-3)
318:1(n-7), 20:5(n-3)2.35±0.28
418:1(n-9), 20:5(n-3)3.27±0.54
516:0, 20:5(n-3)8.05±0.73
618:1(n-9), 22:6(n-3)1.81±0.26
716:0, 22:6(n-3)2.45±0.42
918:1(n-9), 20:4(n-6)2.21±0.38
1016:0, 20:4(n-6)5.80±0.93
1116:3(n-4), 20:5(n-3)2.94±0.41
1316:0, 16:1(n-9)7.69±1.15
18:1(n-9), 18:3(n-4)
1518:1(n-7), 18:1(n-9)1.96±0.49
1618:1(n-9), 18:1(n-9)6.47±1.09
1716:0, 18:1(n-7)4.79±0.63
1816:0, 18:1(n-9)30.57±1.35
1916:3(n-4), 18:1(n-9)2.79±0.48
  • Peak areas were used for principal components analysis. Values are means± s.d. ND, not determined