Table 1.

Proportion of ants that executed different searches along the travel path following a lateral displacement

Search category1.5 m (N=21)3 m (N=20)6 m (N=18)10 m (N=21)Zv10 m (N=15)
Zero turns0.5230.4000
One turn0.2380.45000
Zero loop0.1900.050.3330.1420.066
≥One loop0.0470.10.6660.8570.933
  • Note: zero turns: paths that did not have any turns ≥50°; one turn: paths characterised by a single turn ≥50°; zero loop: paths with one or more turn s-1 ≥50°, but never a loop; ≥one loop: paths with turns ≥50° and also a loop s-1.