Table 4.

Least squares regression and partial correlation statistics for the three analyses performed comparing limb length and body mass against cost of transport

Analysis groupIndependent variable N r2 P abSEE
1 L E 150.97<0.001-0.7041.8540.06
Controlling for body mass0.74<0.001
Body mass150.89<0.001-0.2681.0390.11
Controlling for LE0.050.45
2 L E 190.95<0.001-0.7201.8710.08
Controlling for body mass0.62<0.001
Body mass190.89<0.001-0.2891.0610.13
Controlling for LE0.140.12
3 L E 280.98<0.001-0.7721.9560.08
Controlling for body mass0.70<0.001
Body mass280.94<0.001-0.2631.0470.13
Controlling for LE0.230.01*
  • Limb length (LE; cm) and body mass (kg) against cost of transport (COT; J kg-1 m-1).

    Analysis 1 is the most conservative, analysis 3 the most inclusive (see Materials and methods for details). LSR equations are for log10-transformed data, with the form COT=a(ind.var)+b. SEE, standard error of estimate. *P=0.32 in an ANCOVA with taxonomic group (bird, mammal, reptile, arthropod) as a fixed factor.