Table 1.

Partial pressures of O2 required to half-saturate hemoglobin (Hb P50), cooperativities of hemoglobin subunits (Hb nH), hemolymph O2-carrying capacities and delivery potentials for tadpole shrimp reared under different PO2

Developmental PO2 (kPa O2)Hb P50 (kPa O2)Hb nHOxygen carrying capacity (ml O2 100 ml-1)Delivery potential (μl O2 min-1)
Normoxic (19-21)±0.6274
Moderate hypoxic (10-13)0.832.7*8.3±1.0529
Severe hypoxic (1-3)0.5*1.4*19.4±1.6*1336*
  • * Significant difference (P<0.05) from animals reared under normoxic conditions.