Table 1.

The taxonomic range of desiccation tolerance

GroupKnown occurrenceSelected references
NematodesMany speciesWharton (2003); Treonis and Wall (2005)
RotifersMany species, including most species tested in the order BdelloideaRicci and Caprioli (2005)
TardigradesMany speciesWright (2001); Jönsson and Järemo (2003)
CrustaceansEncysted embryos of several genera of anostracans, including brine and fairy shrimpsMitchell (1990); Clegg (2005)
ArthropodsLarva of the fly Polypedilum vanderplankiWatanabe et al. (2004); Kikawada et al. (2005)
LichensMost species testedKappen and Valladares (1999)
YeastsSome speciesGaray-Arroyo et al. (2000)
Other fungiSome speciesMazur (1968)
MossesMost species testedProctor and Tuba (2002)
LiverwortsMany speciesProctor and Tuba (2002)
PteridophytesPerhaps 50 species as sporophytes, probably many as spores, some as gametophytesPence (2000); Porembski and Barthlott (2000)
GymnospermsNo adults but some seeds and pollenPorembski and Barthlott (2000); Dickie and Prichard (2002); Hoekstra (2002)
AngiospermsAbout 300 species as adults, over 95% of species as seeds, perhaps most pollenPorembski and Barthlott (2000); Hoekstra (2002); Tweddle et al. (2003)
BacteriaMany species, including cyanobacteriaBilli and Potts (2002); Buedel et al. (2002); de la Torre et al. (2003)
Terrestrial microalgaeMany speciesTrainor and Gladych (1995)
Marine macroalgaeThe intertidal red alga Porphyra dentataAbe et al. (2001)