Table 4.

RM-ANOVA statistics, with step number and temperature as factors, for the kinematic variables considered

Stride durationStep150.0010.4030.535
Temperature600.00118.797 <0.0001
Step durationStep150.0011.5840.228
Temperature600.00116.618 <0.0001
Duty factorStep150.0150.7940.387
Stride lengthStep1543.62378.669 <0.0001
Temperature6060.26017.231 <0.0001
Step lengthStep1418.1353.9760.066
Temperature5635.0257.098 0.0001
  • Treatment d.f.=1 for step, 4 for temperature.

    Error d.f. (d.f.e), error mean squares (MSe), F-statistics and associated probabilities are presented.

    Significant probabilities are in bold font.