Table 4.

Pearson correlation matrices for arcsine-transformed molar percentages of the 12 LMM in all non-radioactive web collections from each species

Cho A. cav. 0.454***
A. aur. -
A. tri. 0.366**
GAB A. cav. -0.604***-0.745***
A. aur. --0.272
A. tri. -0.470***-0.149
NAP A. cav. 0.662***0.080-0.497***
A. aur. ---
A. tri. 0.020-0.099-0.519***
Bet A. cav. 0.3460.558***-0.574***0.298
A. aur. -0.828***-0.397**-
A. tri. 0.364**0.513***-0.356**0.046
Gly A. cav. -0.615***-0.386*0.372*-0.677***-0.172
A. aur. --0.283-0.304--0.197
A. tri. 0.359**-0.437***-0.303*-0.198-0.247
Ala A. cav. -0.462***-0.647***0.426**-0.147-0.408**0.457***
A. aur. --0.480***-0.021--0.335*0.598***
A. tri. 0.096-0.293-0.544***0.077-0.1390.459***
Pro A. cav. -0.489***-0.494***0.256-0.421**-0.1950.834***0.546***
A. aur. --0.377**-0.143--0.2750.456***0.650***
A. tri. -------
Tau A. cav. --------
A. aur. -0.504***-0.223-0.325*-0.112-0.356*-0.182
A. tri. -0.0270.640***0.257-0.1600.307*-0.598***-0.512***-
NAT A. cav. 0.038-0.413**-0.0610.552***-0.006-0.0680.498***0.209-
A. aur. --0.339*-0.412***--0.1500.0060.2800.143-0.129
A. tri. 0.312*-0.459***-0.508***0.113-0.0940.615***0.754***--0.722***
Ise A. cav. 0.695***0.534***-0.637***0.715***0.395**-0.871***-0.588***-0.735***-0.025
A. aur. -0.258-0.329*-0.246-0.554***-0.535***-0.395**0.2770.253
A. tri. -0.454***0.396***0.2030.1300.143-0.838***-0.369**-0.664***-0.730***
PO4- A. cav. -0.376*-0.0250.247-0.539***-0.0990.360*-0.0300.171--0.521***-0.469***
A. aur. -0.342*-0.082-0.244-0.466***-0.600***-0.323*0.172-0.451***0.198
A. tri. 0.1790.424***0.259-0.326*0.404***-0.296*-0.418***-0.335**-0.190-0.065
  • A. cav., A. cavaticus (N=86); A. aur., A. aurantia (N=102); A. tri., A. trifasciata (N=123).

    Ala, alanine; Bet, glycine betaine; Cho, choline; GAB, GABamide; Gly, glycine; Ise, isethionate; NAP, N-acetylputrescine; NAT, N-acetyltaurine; Pro, proline; Put, putrescine; Tau, taurine.

    Bonferroni probabilities: *P≤0.05; **P<0.01; ***P≤0.001.

    Missing correlation coefficients indicate LMM not detected in webs of that species. Underlined coefficients indicate significant correlations that agree among the three species (i.e. all three negative or all three positive), or between two species if either of the LMM being compared went undetected in the third species. Coefficients in bold indicate significant correlations that agree with significant correlations seen in webs of N. clavipes (Higgins et al., 2001). In that study, NAP and Ise were not detected in web washes, H2PO4- was not assayed, and Pro and Tau, while detected in some web washes, were not included in statistical analyses.