Table 2.

Litter parameters and major estimated quantities

NBody mass (kg)Brain mass (g)Neocortex volume (cm3)Mean CE volumeNeocortical neurons (×106)Mean CE neuronsNeocortical glial cells (×106)Mean CE glial cells
Göttingen minipig
    Neonate50.56 (0.081)27.8 (0.037)1.75 (0.057)0.049252.5 (0.11)0.065381.9 (0.10)0.053
    Adult537.9 (0.11)79.0 (0.077)9.01 (0.11)0.052323.8 (0.093)0.064714.2 (0.12)0.057
Domestic pig
    Neonate6214.5 (0.30)29.4 (0.16)3.64 (0.098)0.060424.8 (0.13)0.067
    Adult6212-217134.0 (0.11)17.2 (0.083)0.051432.1 (0.046)0.068
  • Mean Embedded Image. For calculation of CE for cell number and volume, see Table 3. The inter-individual variability in each group is shown in parentheses as coefficient of variability (CV=s.d./mean). Volume estimates are from shrunken paraffin-embedded tissue and should not be compared with fresh brain volumes.