Table 1.

The fractionator sampling parameters, mean values

BA (μm)1/ssf∑secta(frame) (μm2)Step size (x,y) (μm)1/asf∑dishdis (μm)tQ- (μm)1/hsfEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Göttingen minipig
Domestic pig
  • Abbreviations: BA, block advance; ssf, section sampling fraction;∑ sect, number of sections; a(frame), area of counting frame;∑ dis, number of disectors hitting neocortex; hdis, disector height; tQ-, q-weighted section thickness; hsf, height sampling fraction; Embedded Image, number of neurons counted; Embedded Image, number of glial cells counted.

    The a(frame) for glial cell estimations in adult Göttingen minipigs was 50% of the original frame.