Table 2.

Rates of evaporative water loss in B. alvarengai housed at different ambient temperatures

Evaporative water loss
Temperature (°C)(mg H2O h-1)a(mg H2O cm-2 h-1)bQ10cr (s cm-1)d
  • Values are means ± s.e.m. (N=7).

  • a All water loss rates were significantly affected by temperature.

  • b Evaporative water loss rates were also calculated based on two-thirds (i.e. excluding ventral skin) of the estimated total skin surface area from the equation, SA=9.9Mb0.56 (where surface area SA is in cm2, and Mb is in g) (McClanahan and Baldwin, 1969).

  • c Q10 values are calculated between adjacent temperatures; temperature did not have a significant effect on Q10 (P=0.53).

  • d r represents the total resistance to water flux, calculated using the formula from Spotila et al. (Spotila et al., 1992).