Table 3.

Allometric equations relating anatomical measurements to body mass in horses used in the study

95% CL
abLowerUpperMAPD (%)
Including horses 18-21
Wither height0.110.430.390.484.63
Radius and metacarpus length0.040.450.410.494.62
Greater trochanter height0.090.440.400.494.99
Excluding horses 18-21
Wither height0.140.390.320.463.85
Radius and metacarpus length0.060.380.320.463.85
Greater trochanter height0.110.400.330.494.46
  • Equations are of the form: measurement=aMbb, where Mb is body mass in kg.

    CL, confidence limits for the scaling exponent, b.

    MAPD, mean absolute percent deviation of measured values from the fitted relationship.

    All anatomical measurements are defined in Materials and methods.

    GT/RMC = ratio of greater trochanter height to radius and metacarpus length.

    All measurements are in m (GT/RMC in m/m).

    Relationships are given both excluding and including data for horses 18-21.