Table 3.

Correlations of parameters documenting morphologies of attachment sites with muscle mass (Spearman non-parametric rank-order correlation test) in the control group only

3D surface area Parallel to STA Perpendicular to STA
Attachment siteCorrelation coefficientPCorrelation coefficientPCorrelation coefficientP
Before controlling for body mass:
Tendinous sites
Biceps brachii−0.2800.432−0.1770.6250.0370.920
Quadriceps femoris−0.2000.5800.2320.519−0.3210.365
Gastrocnemius insertion 0.667 0.071 −0.1830.6370.0500.898
Fleshy sites
Gastrocnemius lat. origin0.2850.4250.0730.841−0.3350.343
After controlling for body mass:
Tendinous sites
Biceps brachii0.3700.293−0.2730.446−0.2730.446
Quadriceps femoris0.4330.244−0.2120.556−0.4060.244
Gastrocnemius insertion0.771 0.072 −0.3000.624−0.0860.872
Fleshy sites
Gastrocnemius lat. origin0.1470.535−0.4070.2430.1030.777
  • The correlations between the various parameters are presented both before and after controlling muscle size and attachment site size for body mass.

    STA, soft tissue attachment.

    There are no significant correlations at P=0.05. One correlation approaching significance at P=0.10 is indicated in italics.