Table 3.

Mantle contraction rate during the escape jet

Life history stageMaximum contraction rate (lengths s−1)
Hatchling8.6±2.1 (14)
Juvenile 14.8±1.2 (16)
Juvenile 23.8±1.7 (10)
Young 23.8±0.55 (9)
  • The mean maximum mantle contraction rates during the escape jet are listed± the s.d. of the mean. The number of squid in the sample is in parentheses. The maximum mantle contraction rate for all squid in a life history stage was pooled to calculate the mean and the s.d. The mean value for the Hatchling stage squid was significantly different from the mean for the Juvenile 1, Juvenile 2 and Young 2 life history stages (one-way ANOVA, Student-Newman-Keuls comparison, P<0.05). Other within-column comparisons of mantle contraction rate were not significantly different.