Table 1.

Ontogeny of thick myofilament length

Life history stageSMR fibres (μm)CMP fibres (μm)
Hatchling (N=5, n=1063)1.0±0.05 (0.7-1.4)1.0±0.04 (0.7-1.4)
Juvenile 2 (N=4, n=1127)1.9±0.8 (1.2-3.4)1.5±0.1 (0.9-2.2)
  • Ontogeny of thick myofilament length of the circular muscles of the mantle, measured from transmission electron micrographs. Values are means ± s.d. Numbers in parentheses indicate the range of measurements. One-way ANOVA (Student-Newman-Keuls comparison) results are as follows: Hatch SMR vs Hatch CMP, P=0.84; Hatch CMP vs Juvenile 2 CMP, P<0.001; Hatch SMR vs Juvenile 2 SMR, P<0.001; Juvenile 2 SMR vs Juvenile 2 CMP, P<0.01. CMP, central mitochondria-poor circular muscle fibres; SMR, superficial mitochondria-rich circular muscle fibres; N, number of animals; n, number of thick filaments measured.