Table 2.

Colony information and colony effects on the relationship betweenΔ Tth and sucrose concentration and between the normalized census count of foragers and sucrose concentration

IDNcolony a Collection dateLocationAltitude (m)NexperimentΔTthvs [sucrose]bNmax foragersFNvs [sucrose]b
BW5988 November 2003Unión Juárez 15°05.25′N, 92°05.28′W157252F1,351=265.5, P<0.0001, R2=0.43, y=2.7, slope=1.625F1,351=150.2, P<0.0001, R2=0.30, y=0.24, slope=0.16
BW86124 March 2005America 15°03.95′N, 92°04.94′W122321F1,248=47.8, P<0.0001, R2=0.16, y=4.7, slope=1.29F1,248=160.5, P<0.0001, R2=0.39, y=0.21, slope=0.17
BW105327 April 2005Chiquihuites 15°05.83′N, 92°06.19′W201425F1,250=45.2, P<0.0001, R2=0.15, y=3.2, slope=1.29F1,250=186.4, P<0.0001, R2=0.43, y=0.16, slope=0.17
BW12414 May 2005Talquian 15°05.55′N, 92°05.71′W167614F1,248=60.0, P<0.0001, R2=0.19, y=4.2, slope=1.46F1,248=226.2, P<0.0001, R2=0.48, y=0.13, slope=0.23
BW13624 May 2005Talquian 16°05.53′N, 92°05.72′W167522F1,247=96.3, P<0.0001, R2=0.28, y=3.0, slope=2.49F1,247=236.9, P<0.0001, R2=0.49, y=0.07, slope=0.21
BW146525 May 2005Talquian 15°05.36′N, 92°05.98′W169027F1,266=81.4, P<0.0001, R2=0.23, y=5.5, slope=2.211F1,266=165.7, P<0.0001, R2=0.38, y=0.06, slope=0.18
  • Nexperiment, number of foragers used in experiment; Nmax foragers, maximum number of foragers simultaneously at feeder.

  • a Total number of bees in each colony counted at the time of the experiments.

  • b Linear regression values.