Table 1.

Effect of sucrose concentration on forager thoracic temperature at the feeder

Sucrose concentration Temperature (°C) Regression
mol l−1%ΔTthTthTaTthvs TaANOVAFN (%)N
0.5164.9±2.729.7±2.724.7±1.6y=15.5+0.57xF1,248=29.5, P<0.0001, R2=0.1120.5±9.9250
1.0315.5±2.529.6±2.824.2±2.4y=13.7+0.66xF1,374=165.1, P<0.0001, R2=0.3135.1±13.5376
1.5346.8±2.731.7±2.224.9±1.5NSF1,248=0.02, P=0.89, R2<0.000142.1±15.0250
2.0417.3±2.732.0±2.224.7±1.4NSF1,248=2.3, P=0.13, R2=0.00952.1±17.6250
2.5657.7±2.331.6±2.423.9±1.9y=18.8+0.53xF1,495=114.6, P<0.0001, R2=0.1961.0±21.4497
  • Tth, thoracic temperature; Ta, air temperature; FN, normalized forager census count.

    Values are means ± s.d.

    Percentage sucrose concentration by mass (g sucrose 100 g−1 solution) obtained from Bubnik et al. (Bubnik et al., 1995).

    Although a significant colony effect was found for the relationship betweenΔ Tth and sucrose concentration, we provide the average values here as a simplified reference because inter-colony differences were fairly minor.